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Title: DP1-3 Box Set DVDs
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NOTE: DP1-3 is only available in the full box set (click here).  Or on Dezert People here.

Dezert People The Movie, Second Lap & Triple Down (DP1-3)
Release: Oct. 2008
Playtime: Over 3 hours
Media: DVD & Digital downloads
Rating: Family friendly. Free of nudity and vulgar content
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The new Dezert People box set includes Dezert People The Movie (DP1), the film that started the desert racing video revolution. Dezert People Second Lap (DP2) and Dezert People Triple Down (DP3), the winner of the 2005 Xtremey award for best offroad video. Watch the insane desert racing action as the Dezert People take you to the deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona and Baja. These DVDs are filled with intense camera angles from the ground, air and onboard the vehicles. This set includes DP1 and DP2 on a single DVD and the original DP3 DVD in a single case for one low price.  Filmed by Curtis Guise and Klaus Rasch.




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